Experience a surgical retreat of your very own.

Coordinated by one of our professional beauty concierges.

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Here at La Beauty Guide, we believe that any kind of beauty enhancing experience goes beyond providing a client with just a service or surgical procedure.

Team La Beauty Guide understands that beauty enhancement is an investment in yourself, and would like for you to have the best overall experience as possible.

We work closely with America’s top plastic and dental surgeons found in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, South Pasadena and Orange County, California.

DR-TIM-NEAVINDr. Tim Neavin known to be one of Beverly Hills’ top face and body plastic surgeons


If you like, we can arrange for a pre-consultation over the phone.

The pre-consultation would be to discuss your concerns and present photos to your surgeon via skype or email.

Once the surgeon goes over your concerns and photos, they will help you make the best and most professional opinion (via phone) on what surgical procedures we feel are best for you & your body.

Even if you are consulting over the phone, we are very accurate in determining what procedures you need.

Once the consultation with your surgeon has taken place, one of our surgical consultants will quote you for your procedure and then coordinate with the plastic surgeons office manager to see what surgical date is available & works best for you.

Once you agree on a date, a deposit would be collected to secure your preoperative appointment and surgical date.

Laboratory work will need to be done at least 2 weeks prior to surgery to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo the cosmetic procedure of your choice. If you live out of town, it would be easiest to have the necessary lab request to be faxed or emailed to your regular physician from your plastic surgeons office. If possible, have your lab work done by your regular physician and fax the results back to your plastic surgeons office, prior to having your first in office and preoperative appointment with your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist (If you are traveling to California).

All necessary laboratory work and prescriptions necessary for your elected procedure are not included in your procedure quote. Some medical insurances my pay for both your laboratory work and prescriptions.

If laboratory work is done at your plastic surgeons office, it is important to keep in mind that a majority of plastic surgeons do not accept insurance as a form of payment.

Plastic surgery is usually an elective procedure, meaning insurance won’t cover cost up front. Also, most plastic surgeons offices in Beverly Hills will not accept insurance as a method of payment. All elective plastic surgery procedures would need to be paid in cash prior to the date of surgery.

If your initial consultation appointment or preoperative appointment is booked through our beauty concierge service, we will explain all payment options and surgical cost before booking your appointment with the plastic surgeon of your choice.

Female Plastic Surgeon

We would be able to assist you in getting a possible reimbursement for any of your services if your insurance covers any of your elective procedures, lab work and prescriptions.

Patients throughout the world have had our trademarked procedures.

The procedures were designed with an out patient health program in mind. Our time tested out patient program system means that when you leave, it is not necessary to return. Should have any questions you can reach us 24/7 by phone within minutes.

Your all inclusive surgical retreat would be inclusive of your own personal driver making sure you get to all your pre and post operative appointments on time.

Plastic surgery is an investment in yourself, this makes it important to research the procedure you are interested in and the plastic surgeon you wish to perform it.

Team La Beauty Guide is well versed in all areas of beauty, particularly cosmetic surgery.

Some of our top surgical consultants have over 10 years experience working for celebrity plastic surgeons like



Screen-Shot-2013-03-29-at-1.56.56-AM-893x350Dr. Michael K. Obeng, Beverly Hills’ top reconstructive and body plastic surgeon


patelDr. Sejal M. Patel is most famous for his incredible Brazillian Butt Lift surgical procedure.


momwithkidsGive your ex husband and other moms something to talk about. You’ll be turning heads post your mommy makeover and surgical retreat.

Dr gary alterThere are only a handful of board certified urologist and plastic surgeons.

Dr. Gary J. Alter is a true genius, performing thousands of plastic and reconstructive female genital surgeries.


Check out more of his amazing work by clicking on his images or visiting his website at



Follow Up Care:

You will have a few options on how you would like to continue your follow up visits. If you are an out of state or an out of country patient, your board certified plastic surgeon would like at least one in office follow up before you leave California.

For follow up visits in the future you can arrange a skype follow up via internet, or email and exchange pre and post operative photos via email to discuss the healing process and ensure everything is healing properly.

patient follow upWell known after care facilities with licensed registered nurses are available if you are traveling alone.


La Beauty Guide is delighted to help guide you through this elective process. Our goal is to help match you with the right plastic surgeon for your procedure and health package that best accommodates your lifestyle.

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