Team La Beauty Guide, would like you to experience PSHD-makeup which stands for Perfected Symmetry High Definition-Makeup it has been specifically designed for all high-definition productions requiring beauty or special effects makeup.

Enjoy a comfortable makeup application that involve infusing skin care and customized makeup formulas to accommodate all unique skin types and achieve perfected facial symmetry with each application.

PSHD-makeup introduces clients to facial symmetry through special contour and highlighting techniques designed to enhance and rejuvenate the face.

PSHD-makeup is also designed to feel and look naturally flawless under magnified high-definition lenses.

Beauty portrait of young model with roses, red lipstick make-up

Perfect make-up

Productions using a higher resolution that is substantially higher than that of standard-definition productions would be considered a high definition production.

Our robust list of professional makeup artists and hairstylists are both extensive and exclusive; we work with only the best this town has to offer. You have the option of either hiring one stylist that can perform both hair and makeup duties or hiring two stylists. Having two stylists at your disposal helps you save additional time getting ready, ensuring that preparing for your special day is simple, pleasant and glamorous. It is our top priority to ensure that nearly every detail is nothing short of picture perfect. We can also put together the perfect Glam Squad for your VIP bridesmaids.


Trials are highly recommended to design the perfect makeup look on your special wedding day.

Hair Stylist are also available for hair trials on the same day as makeup trial. Trials are by appointment only.

Please fill contact form below to book your appointment.

PSHD-makeup is perfect for all gruesome, bloody and zombie like special effects.

POV camera


All special effects makeup applications are primarily applied using mostly beauty makeup. This helps the makeup feel more comfortable on the clients face and easier to remove post production.1231623_10201390810544909_992910410_nMakeup removal assistance is available upon request.

Makeup is also available for all style photo shoots.

Pick from one makeup style to three makeup styles on the same shoot.

Natural, Glamour and Avant Garde Makeup.

A total of 3 makeup looks for one day of shooting. Maximize your photo shoot options with PSHD-makeup

IMG_5215blue polka dot bikiniBrand Building Makeup

Close-up portrait of beautiful woman with bright make-up and hairstyle.

Makeup available for all types of films and high definition productions.

PSHD-makeup uses camouflage, contouring and blending techniques to flawlessly perfect facial symmetry. The skin looks flawless on camera, minimizing the editing needed for your film or print productions.



All PSHD-makeup trained makeup artists are well versed in skin care.

500 hours completed in Skin Care at Paul Mitchell

600 hours completed at MUD


All PSHD-makeup applications are inclusive of face mapping and intense skin preparation to create a protective barrier between the skin and makeup application.

Our Key Makeup Artist Audrey Ortega, has attended makeup seminars produced by celebrity makeup artist

Mario Dedivanovic and Scott Barnes

Scott Barnes

Artistry Fusion


All PSHD-makeup applications are by appointment only.

What type of Makeup application and for what occasion would you need makeup for?

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