Soft Glam and Brow Stencils

Here is a small set up I put together for a little staycation I had about two months when I visited Hollywood to see a friend perform her latest song. My goal for that evening was a soft glam, a romantic glam that looks as if there is barely any make up on, creating the popular “no makeup” look.

The “no makeup” or “soft glam” makeup applications actually require way more than a handful of products to accomplish such desired makeup look.

I personally like to be a minimalist when it comes to traveling with makeup. I’m always afraid of losing products or breaking products, also carrying all that makeup in addition to any other luggage isn’t fun.

I really try to only pack a few palettes that have a combo of products, so that I pack the least amount of makeup possible but still have enough options for any occasion.

I think I’ve perfected a kit light enough to travel with and stay organized while on the go. With that said there is a lot of preparation that goes on when packing a kit for a specific look or client.

Considering there is a new makeup product on the market daily, it’s hard to keep with the latest. In this blog I will share my latest makeup routine and favorite make up products including a brow stencil I just discovered that has made my brow makeup applications so much easier.

I’ve pretty much perfected the ideal makeup routine just change my eye shadow color combination as well as lip combo depending on outfit or occasion..

I will be sharing all steps necessary to accomplish these looks including skin care and lash style. Stay tuned and continue to read below.

First thing is first…. Skincare…

For someone like myself with mature skin, I really need a powerful cleanser that contains Lactic Acid to help with all my broken capillaries that create redness around the nose and sometimes cheeks. This cleanser really helps brighten and soften your skin. Perfect cleanser for any major HD makeup application.


Moisturizing and hydration


Hydration is key to a flawless makeup application of any kind. With well hydrated skin, your face will feel soft and supple making the makeup easiest to apply.

I like to use more than one moisturizer one by Loreal and Peter Thomas Roth. You’d be surprised on how you can find good moisturizers at your local drug store. I am really happy using the Collagen filler buy Loreal’.

Next you’ll want to add a primer below I’ll share two of my favorite primers. These primers work great for mature skin especially. First one being LA BASE PRO by Lancome retails for $42 (money well spent). This primer is oil free and very silky. The second primer I switch from time to time is the veil cosmetics sunset light primer Also ranging 40 dollars retailing for $45.00



Once the skin is well hydrated and primed I like to apply my favorite foundation by Nars Cosmetics (Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation) in color Vienna retails for $49.00. I apply with my hands to warm up the product and blend out with a beauty blender. Beauty blenders are essential to keep in your beauty kit and travel along with. The beauty blender is a neat makeup tool that can help blend and apply product. Check out this link on how you can clean the beauty blender.

I set my foundation using setting spray (Urban Decay’s Chill Makeup Setting Spray) for a dewy look, let the spray sit for a minute before applying any other product. Once the spray settles I apply MAC COSMETICS Studio Fix in colors NC30 using the MORPHE E41 makeup brush. It’s big and fluffy perfect for an all over perfect blend. After my eyeshadow is done I apply my undereye concealer to prevent and eyeshadow fall out.

I use the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in colors Light 2.8 and Medium Dark. Each concealer retails for $30.00

To set the undereye concealer I like to use Laura Mercier Translucent powder with a small blending brush.

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The first steps and products should lead you to a flawless face base ready for any blush, contour and eyeshadow combination.

At the moment I think I outgrew my BECCA Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill collaboration blush and highlight palette shown in my makeup set up picture shown above. I’ve hit pan on my favorite blush and contour shade right when my Kylie Cosmetics order came through. In my order came the new Koko Kollection blush¬† and contour palette. I just love this palette.

Eye Brows

Eye Brows can be tricky.

I recently discovered some amazing brow products including brow stencils by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I don’t often use stencils but the brow stencil really helps to accurately place brow product and shape the brow. Brows never came easy to me but it was something I was determined to perfect. Here are some of the products I use to get picture perfect brows that will wow your friends and family.


These brow stencils are almost like magic. Just press the stencil against your brow, and apply your favorite brow product. I feel it’s best to use a small angled brow brush to apply brow product like dip brow. I then like to clean up the brows brows with concealer and brow pencils.

There are many options and products when it comes to perfecting your brows and working it into your “no makeup” or “soft glam look”

Once you’ve perfected the perfect face base and brows, your makeup possibilities are endless. Just top this look with your favorite pair of lashes and lip color.

In the above photo I’m wearing my favorite Ardell eyelash’s in style wispies.

And on my lips Kylie Jenner’s, Kylie Cosmetics¬† #boss

Lined with Mac Cosmetics Ruby Woo

I hope you have enjoyed this makeup blog and I appreciate your patience while I convert my blogs into VLOGS

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